Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature allows you to perform more sophisticated searches. The feature enables you to search for Gene symbols or Identifiers, Chemicals or Drug Names, Functions and Diseases, Drugs, Protein Families, and Subcellular Locations, or any combination of these categories. In addition, you may select the format in which you would like the results. To open Advanced Search, click the Advanced Search link next to the IPA Search tab.

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Depending on the tab that is selected, the options in the Advanced Search menu change. Enter your parameters, then click the Search button to submit your search. The Reset button will clear the current Advanced Search parameters. The Cancel button will close the Advanced Search window.


Genes or Chemicals Advanced Search:
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Functions and Disease Advanced Search:
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Pathways and Tox Lists Search:
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The following table describes the returned results from Advanced search.


Search Results

Gene Symbols or Identifiers or Chemicals

or Drug Names

Genes, Chemicals or Drug Names that match the string of characters used in the search.

Functions and Diseases

Molecules that are associated with a biological function or disease.

Pathways and Tox Lists

Searches the Ingenuity Canonical Pathways and Toxicity Lists Libraries

Molecule types

Genes or chemicals that belong to the specified protein family or molecule class.

Subcellular Locations

Molecules that are present within the searched subcellular location.


If more than one search term is included in a single category, and they are separated by a comma, an OR search operation is conducted. If more than one search term is included in a single category, and they are separated by a space, an AND search operation is conducted. For example, if you search for "EGF, IGF", all genes with the string EGF or IGF are returned. If you search for "invasion adhesion", all genes associated with invasion and adhesion are returned.


Searching for terms in more than one category will conduct an AND search operation. For example, if you search for kinases (in the Molecule Types dropdown menu) and invasion, all genes that are kinases involved with invasion are returned.

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When searching with multiple identifiers, you may specify the types of identifiers to search over to limit the number of results that are returned. From the dropdown menu, select the types of identifiers that are included in the list.


Saving Searches

Advanced Searches can be saved by clicking the User-added image icon. You will then be prompted to name your search. Saving a search saves the criteria you used when creating the search, but does not save the actual search results.

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To rerun a previously saved search, click the User-added image icon in the search toolbar. A list of your saved searches will appear. The search criteria associated with the saved search is shown to the right. To re-run the search, click the Run button. To delete the search, click Delete.

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  • In previous versions of IPA, a Drug Search also existed, where the targets of a drug could be found. Gene and Chemical search have now been modified so that any drugs that target a specific gene can be found within the search results.

  • Saved drug searches from previous versions of IPA will no longer be available.